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Editor’s note: Today’s article launches a new feature on NAnewsweb called “Well, I Reckon…”

The sole purpose of this feature is to inform you of the things you may have been wondering about and to even get you thinking on things you’ve never really considered before regarding our community. We also want your opinion. What do you think of New Albany’s latest restaurant additions? Have the sales of beer and liquor boosted our local economy or were they a detriment? You’ve got questions? Submit them to our T.C.B. page! We will find answers.


“Well, I Reckon…”

Our first question comes on the heels of last week’s article submitted by a concerned citizen entitled Citizen’s Opinion: the library is in dire straits.

How would it affect you if the Union County Library did not receive enough funding and had to close its doors?

Mike Carter, New Albany, MS

Mike Carter, New Albany, MS



“I would really hate to see the library close.  My kids loved it when they were growing up and we went there all the time. I was just in there a few weeks ago on a Saturday and it was packed. It’s a resource that many people depend on weekly.” ~Mike Carter






Jason Stewart, New Albany, MS

Jason Stewart, New Albany, MS



“Historic records need to go over the Chancery with a little bit of funding to oversee them and then shut it down. We have got computers and the internet. And smartphones….. Renovate the library building for civic meeting space because the ladies building at the fairgrounds sucks.” ~Jason Stewart







Person known to editor who wishes to remain anonymous

Local business owner who wishes to remain anonymous



“I know that the library services New Albany very well. It amazes me that the county has money for the things that it wants but not necessarily what it needs.” ~anonymous






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  1. Anonymous says:

    We use the library often. Kids can’t do book reports, projects, and the likes solely off the internet, and as a homeschool mom, we don’t have the access to public school libraries.

    • bookgirl says:

      Lots of people rely on the library. Homeschoolers, people looking for jobs, even people on a budget looking to read the latest best seller or even check out a DVD. It should have adequate funding.

    • Courtney PRATT says:

      This just hurts my heart I use to go there as kid and there gonna close it!I can’t comprehend that no kind way,so if the kids need information now where there gonna go for that Tupelo! That crazy if I had it I would definitely help some you all in New Albany that is well off should have no problem helping out a library to me is a product of our productive future sad!!!!

  2. Kelly Coltharp says:

    WE need the Jenny Stephens Smith Library because it has books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, computers, movies, cool space and great staff. You can donate books in honor or memory of a loved one or donate your books to the library collection. The library is a resource that serves all people. If the book you’re looking for is not there they will order it for you. When you keep a book out too long, you get a reminder by a phone call by a concerned staff member who will renew your due date over the phone. People taking care of each other. To me, our library defines our community which is open, informative, entertaining, and giving. I’m a library lover.

  3. Sean Johnson says:

    This shouldn’t be a keep or destroy issue. While many services libraries offer are becoming increasingly obsolete, there are a number of other services they offer that are becoming increasingly important. While there’s no reason to fund the library for funding the library’s sake. This discussion gives us the enviable opportunity to reinvent our library experience with the aim of providing the most pertinent services to our community. Simply google “most innovative libraries in the world” or “best libraries in the world” and there are a number of easy ideas available that we could use. For one, the library could easily be a center for public learning rather than a place to simply borrow books or hop on the Internet. The bottom line is that the library, as it is, is not worth funding; but, with a few new ideas it could be one of our community’s greatest assets.

  4. Tim Burress says:

    I feel that the library in New Albany is a very necessary resource for folks. Not everyone has internet at home nor does everyone have a smartphone. Also kids today need to realize what fun it is to actually hold a book and read. The library is also a great place for folks to gather for some club meetings that involve books. More money should be put into renovating/adding on to the library.

  5. Stanley Wise says:

    The Library is one of those basic entities that we take for granted, like water piped to our homes or electricity flowing thru the power outlets. To say it is not useful is to be very shallow minded. Reading, is the essential component of education. To many, who would never have the means to travel beyond their current environment, it is a means to escape the prison of poverty and see the world of opportunity which lies beyond. Books are the safety nets to those who fall thru the cracks of limited access to Kindles and Smartphones and High Speed Internet. Books and the printed words are tangible and not subject to power outages, cell signal disruptions, and unpaid tech services bills. Libraries are the foundation of all these technologies, developed by inquiring minds who explored their local Libraries. The Union County Library and home to the foundation of printed words should be strengthened with upgraded technology, supported as a necessary institution and promoted throughout Union County as a learning center and center for educational based programs and activities. Closing the Library would be like stabbing our own Heart.

  6. Balinda Denton says:

    The library is vital for our youth. I myself spent many hours there doing research and checking out books. I urge my first grade students to explore the library. We need our library!

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