Presley Condemns AT&T CEO’s Mockery of Alabama Internet Project

Jackson, Mississippi (October 25, 2018) – Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley described the latest tweet of AT&T CEO Mayo Flynt as a classic example of AT&T’s corporate arrogance.

Yesterday’s tweet from the AT&T Mississippi CEO openly mocked the city of Opelika, Alabama’s broadband service which has experienced challenges, but made a sincere effort to serve their citizens. Flynt arrogantly tweeted “another one bites the dust” in response to, not a factual article, but a letter to the editor in the local Opelika paper.

“Mayo Flynt’s tweet is dripping with AT&T arrogance. Doing a dance in the end zone while people lose vital internet service is shameful. Mr. Flynt should spend his time trying to expand internet service in rural Mississippi, seeing that we rank 49th in the United States, rather than laughing at local officials in our sister state who are trying to solve one of the most important issues of our time.”

“This morning, I have reached out to Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller to disavow this statement and let him know personally that this doesn’t represent the people of Mississippi,” Presley said. “In our conversation Mayor Fuller said AT&T hired 26 lobbyists and spent over $1 million to fight the city’s efforts. Maybe that explains Flynt’s celebration!”

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