Identity of man dead in New Albany Police custody is revealed

A man died early Monday evening after an encounter with officers of the New Albany Police Department (NAPD).

Nathan Shane Mays, age 43, was visiting in a home on Highway 348. Residents at the house say Mays began acting erratically. The people felt threatened by his behavior and called the police.

When a single officer arrived at the scene he observed Mays, a white male subject who was uncontrollable and began fighting with the lone NAPD officer. The officer called for backup.

Two more police officers arrived at the scene and Mays started fighting all three of them. One officer used a drive stun taser, a type of taser that causes pain but does not render the individual incapacitated.  The officers got handcuffs on Mays.
Mays then became unresponsive, and an ambulance was called.

Mays died a short time later at Baptist Memorial Hospital – Union County.

One officer was injured in the melee and is receiving medical treatment.

Little further information is likely to be available until an autopsy is done and the investigation is complete.

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