Citizen’s Opinion: “The library is in dire straits”

Received February 11, 2016

Editor, NAnewsweb.com

Dear Citizens of New Albany:

What place in New Albany averages 5000 visitors per month? Where in New Albany can a person do genealogy research? Where can a person with no computer or internet service fill out job applications online or do job searches online? Where can a New Albany school student do homework with no WiFi or internet at home? Where can a person get an E book to read or a movie to watch without paying a fee? What place in New Albany cannot keep its doors open, maintain services, and meet monthly payroll? The answer to all these questions is the Union County Library.

The library is in dire straits because it is always the first thing cut when belt tightening measures are taken. The library has received a cut in funds from the state. The Union County Supervisors cut mils to support the library from 1.3 mils to 1 mil a few years ago when times were bad. Our economy has improved. Has the Union County Board of Supervisors restored the .3 mils – NO. Is the Union County Board of Supervisors considering restoring this .3 mils – NO.

The Union County Library is a vital institution in our town that furnishes a litany of services. It averages 5000 visitors a month. (These are not people from the Tanglefoot Trail using the bathrooms.) There are many people in our county who use the library and its services every month. If we do not want the library to cut back on services or on hours; we, the public, have got to press the politicians for more financial support.

Barbara Fuller

613 W Longview Dr.

New Albany, MS 38652