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Union County Board of Supervisors’ meeting, August 1st

The Union County Board of Supervisors acted on a couple of substantive agenda items at its Aug. 1 meeting.
The board received bids from Century Contractors and Steel-Con for construction of a bridge over a small stream that crosses County Road 46.
Steel-Con bid $39,700.
Century’s bid of $21,384.34 was lower by $18,315.66. The board awarded the contract to Century.
The challenge by Metal Impact of its property tax assessment was again on the agenda. Attorneys for the county and Metal Impact have been working on an appraisal agreement to resolve the conflict, but the board agreed Monday that the agreement being negotiated is not yet complete, and the matter was continued to a future meeting.
The balance of the meeting consisted of approval of minutes, paying bills, etc.
The county board will meet again Monday, Aug. 8, at 10:00 am.

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