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Union Co. Master Gardeners install new officers

Master Gardeners President Pat James presented Sandy Shaddinger with a gift of appreciation for her five years as treasurer for the organization.

The Union County Master Gardeners honored outgoing officers and installed new ones at a dinner meeting Tuesday, Nov. 17th.

Outgoing President Pat James presided at the meeting, which was attended by about 60 members of the gardening club and their guests.

Pat James was honored as he stepped down as president of the Union County Community Gardeners

Pat James was honored as he stepped down as president of the Union County Master Gardeners

James, who is retiring from the  post after two terms as Master Gardeners president, was honored at a gentle “roast” presided over by businessman Michael Hale, who said it was annoying going through the Master Gardeners training with James several years ago because, “Pat always knew the answers.”

Others speaking about their experience with Pat James and his work with the Master Gardeners included Sherra Owen, Stanley Wise, Sean Johnson, and Brenda Robertson.

Installed to succeed James as Master Gardeners president was Joyce Morrison.

Retiring vice-president Brenda Robertson will be replaced by Pat Campbell.

Sandy Shaddinger, who is leaving the post of treasurer after service of five years, was given a gift in appreciation of her service. Judy Henry will be the new treasurer.

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