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Two local businesses targeted by typical burglars

An experienced district attorney told us decades ago that the notion of the “brilliant criminal mind” rarely occurs anywhere but in fiction. He said most of those appearing before the criminal courts are on the dim side of the intelligence scale, and he added,”and they damn sure have no interest in honest labor.”

The truth of what that old DA said was demonstrated once again in New Albany, when two businesses were broken into during the early morning hours of Monday July 27th.  Robbers targeted Fred’s Pharmacy and Rutledge Printing, both on W. Main St., in the early morning hours, sounding an alarm to the police department at 3:49AM.

It appears that, as is usually the case, the robbers had more brawn than brains. They wasted time and energy and created unnecessary noise in destroying the storm door lock at Rutledge printing, in order to kick in the main door, thus leaving a muddy footprint. Had they just used the door handle, they would have found that the storm door did not lock.

Muddy print left behind.

Muddy print left behind.


Storm door

Storm door










Once inside, they were disappointed to find only equipment and supplies used to perform “real work,” so they apparently took nothing.

At this time, we have no word on what, if anything, was taken from Fred’s, nor of the dollar value of property damages incurred by the two businesses.

According to New Albany  police investigator Jeff Chism, the break-ins remains under investigation at this time. NAnewsweb will follow up this story as details become available.


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