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This week in retrospect

Baltimore Riots caused injuries to more than 20 police officers. Protesters angered over death of  black prisoner Freddie Gray, while in police custody. At week’s end one Baltimore cop was indicted for murder and five others charged with lesser crimes in the case.


The Nepal Earthquake a week ago killed at least 6,250 and thousands are still missing. More than 14,000 were injured. An EU spokesman said more than 1,000 Europeans hikers are missing because they were on popular hiking routes in Nepal. The U.S. and other countries have rushed aid to Nepal but distribution of food and other supplies to remote areas is a problem.


The Stock Market bounced back Friday after a huge loss Thursday. Analysts say Friday’s gains were due to investors grabbing stocks while prices were low. Outlook cloudy.


“Trustees,” Mississippi state prisoners who are released to sheriffs for unpaid work — such garbage pick-up in rural Union County — may be less available to county governments. The new Department of Corrections Commissioner Marshall Fisher says he can save $3.2-million by housing the convicts instead in state work centers. Sheriff’s are paid $20 per prisoner per day to feed and house the trustees.


B. King, age 89, Mississippi native and iconic blues man… in hospice care in Las Vegas. His long-time manager and his daughter are squabbling about his medical care.

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