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The Fossil Roadshow arrives in New Albany June 11th

The geode cracker is a popular part of the Fossil Roadshow.

Neat things are coming in today for tomorrow’s (June 11th) Fossil Road Show at he Union County Heritage Museum from 10 – 2.

Collectors, paleontologists and geologists will gather  at the museum to see what comes from our area depicting life  millions of years ago.    Palentologist from the Museum of Natural Science, George Phillips, will tell of the History of Fossil Collecting in Mississippi at 11 a.m.

Stories in stone in the area are remarkable.  Once an ancient seabed, the fragments and remnants of these creatures that are found here today are compelling.

Bring your objects for identification and come and see what others are finding.   The Geode Cracker will be here!

For more information on: the Fossil Roadshow

Scenes from Fossil Roadshows past and present:


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