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New Albany Board of Aldermen

Private meetings + public business = bad business for taxpayers

August 16, 2017 // 1 Comment

You might say I crashed a private party Monday night in downtown New Albany, Mississippi. I have done it before, and I promise, if given the opportunity, to do it again — and again. As is usually the case with such behavior, those who had arranged the private gathering weren’t thrilled to see me. Rude?  I [Continue Reading]

Animal control and abuse a major topic at city board meeting

August 2, 2017 // 2 Comments

Stray and abused animals in New Albany were a major part of the discussion during the August 1 meeting of the New Albany Board of Aldermen. New Albany resident Lisa Smith made a scheduled personal appearance before the board, during which she criticized the city’s current practices regarding stray animals and [Continue Reading]

The Art of the Possible: Time to stand and deliver

July 31, 2017 // 0 Comments

This spring’s New Albany municipal elections were characterized by a lot of money spent and a lot of promises made. Record sums were spent on signs and brochures and advertising. Much of the money came from the pockets of the candidates and their families, but considerable amounts of campaign money came from [Continue Reading]

Newest alderman speaks often in lengthy meeting

July 8, 2017 // 8 Comments

The newest member of the Board of Alderman spoke, either to ask a question or make a comment, more than 70 times during Wednesday night’s board meeting. Amy Livingston, elected a month ago as alderman for New Albany’s Ward One, was the last city official to take the oath of office Wednesday morning when [Continue Reading]

Oaths of office given to New Albany’s city elected officials

July 5, 2017 // 0 Comments

New Albany city elected officials took the oaths of office for four-year terms Wednesday morning, July 5, in the board meeting room at city hall. Mayor Tim Kent was sworn in for his fourth term as mayor. Kent, a Democrat, had a strong Republican challenge during this spring’s election. Then First Ward Alderman [Continue Reading]

May Board of Aldermen meeting gives citizens few definitive answers

May 4, 2017 // 1 Comment

Several New Albany citizens came before the May Board of Aldermen meeting on the evening of May 2, 2017, some not for the first time. Most received no concrete action on their issues. Ms. Dianne Jones wants speed bumps on her street in the Meadow Lane area. She gathered signatures from the community with the hope that [Continue Reading]

City Aldermen discuss zoning, signage and hiring at April meeting

April 5, 2017 // 0 Comments

At the April 4th New Albany Board of Aldermen meeting, local resident Ms Carolyn Spight came before the board requesting to replace her existing double wide manufactured home on Bratton Road with a new one. Her current housing was grandfathered in, and is located in an R2 zone where new manufactured housing is not [Continue Reading]

Signs of New Albany, Part II: Selective enforcement, poor judgment

February 9, 2017 // 0 Comments

By R. R. Reasoner The paramount problem with the New Albany sign ordinance is its enforcement. It is inconsistent, arbitrary, and unfair. What one business is forbidden to do, another business is allowed to do. A few of the many examples of inconsistent enforcement Fred’s internally lighted sign violates New [Continue Reading]
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