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Snakebite victim transported to hospital from Sportsplex area

snake bite A Baptist-Union County ambulance transported a snake bite victim from the New Albany Sportsplex area.

A woman was bitten by a snake Monday evening, June 18th, in a weedy area on the right bank of the Tallahatchie River, adjacent to the New Albany Sportsplex.

People at the scene said they believed the woman was struck by a copperhead snake, a venomous snake common to North Mississippi. An ambulance crew from Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County was dispatched to the scene. The woman was transported by ambulance to Baptist Hospital, arriving there about 9 PM.

The adult woman was conscious when the ambulance left for the hospital.

New Albany Police Department officers also responded to the incident.

4 Comments on Snakebite victim transported to hospital from Sportsplex area

  1. Shelly johnstone // June 18, 2018 at 10:24 PM // Reply

    Venomous, not poisonous.

  2. Jus means the city needs to clean up around there it needs mowed

  3. OMG snakes are NOT poisonous…they are venomous!!

  4. It’s poisonous because that woman stayed in hospital for2 and half days
    The woman was bitten by cottonmouth snake when she pass under bridge

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