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Rear-ender sends emergency equipment scrambling

Cars appear and disappear as if by magic at this site.

New Albany, MS– Ambulances from Baptist Hospital and New Albany firemen were sent scrambling late Saturday afternoon by a report of a car, possibly afire with passengers trapped in the vehicle.

There was no fire, and no one was trapped in a burning vehicle. A relatively minor “rear-ender” automobile accident on East Bankhead Street, near Beasley Funeral Home, apparently caused a substantial quantity of steam to escape from a ruptured radiator on one of the cars.

Someone observing the steam called 911. The call came to 911 at 5:23 p.m. Saturday, October 1st.

Rear-end accidents at that point on Bankhead Street are not rare. The road undulates up and down and vehicles can briefly be hidden from other nearby motorists at low places in the road. Vehicles regularly make left turns going south off of Bankhead at Baker Street, which intersects Bankhead at a low place in the road. Automobiles, perhaps going too fast, coming down the hill sometimes rear-end those attempting left turns. received multiple inquiries from residents who heard the flurry of sirens.

Union County 911 routinely dispatches emergency crews if there is any suspicion of fire or persons trapped in vehicles.

911 call (audio)

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