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Reader question: Purpose of new tower on Co. Road 101?

New Albany, MS- Several days ago, one of our readers submitted a question to our TCB Page asking the purpose of a new tower being constructed on County Rd. 101.

Our reader asked if we know whether it is a cell tower, and, if so, which carrier is the tower for and what might be the impact on cell service in the area? The Tower in question is, according to our reader, “just past Dollar General on the right.”

According to a county map, the Dollar General is at 1523 County Road, which is in, or very near, Ingomar. contacted Lauren Ann Cobb, at the Mississippi Public Service Commission to get information on the tower in question.

Cobb took our question to Donna Chandler, Director of Telecommunications. Chandler said, “If this is the one, it was constructed by Cellular South, which is C Spire.  When it is operational,  it should benefit this area.” Chandler then put the question to the folks at C Spire.

Charles McBride, Sr. Vice President & General Counsel for  Telapex, Inc. & C Spire, said, “Actually, last week I did a ride along with one of our wireless technicians in north Mississippi and happen to have visited this new tower.  I’ll have to check on the in-service date, but it should be soon.  I’ll get back with you in the next day or so.” has not received further information on the subject, but, to sum up: it appears that the new CR 101 tower is being built by Cellular South for C Spire, should be in operation fairly soon, and will benefit local residents.

Additionally, Chandler, of the MS PSC,  provided the attached chart with specs for the tower:


For another NAnewsweb article with information on cell phone service: Town hall meeting


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Donna Chandler

Director – Telecommunications

Mississippi Public Utilities Staff


Telephone (601) 961-5453

Charles L. McBride Jr.

Sr. Vice President & General Counsel

Telapex, Inc. & C Spire


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