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Union County rapist faces multiple charges in two counties

Louis Winston Scott Louis Winston Scott, of Pontotoc, is currently being held in Lee County jail.

A violent rampage of rape and kidnapping in Union and Lee counties early Saturday morning will result in multiple felony charges against Louis Winston Scott.

Scott, a 44-year-old Pontotoc caucasian, is currently held in the Lee County jail, charged with multiple felonies. Scott was recently paroled from the Mississippi Department of Corrections (DOC) after serving 14 years on sexual battery convictions.

Posing as law officer in a vehicle with emergency lights, Scott pulled over a woman on a rural road in northern Lee County about 1 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 26th. When the woman saw that the man was not wearing a uniform and that he appeared to be approaching her vehicle with a knife in hand, she quickly drove away. However, she was able to give Lee County deputies a description fitting Scott and his vehicle.

About two hours later, at around 3 a.m. Saturday, a woman driving on Interstate 22 in Union County near the Blue Springs exit, was  pulled over in the same way. The woman in the Union County case was pulled from her vehicle and taken to another location where she was violently raped.

Union, Lee, Pontotoc county officers quickly organized an aggressive investigation and, based on descriptions from the two women, determined that Scott was a suspect. A warrant for Louis Winston Scott’s arrest was issued. Union Sheriff Edwards attempted to execute the warrant late Monday morning, but there was no one at Scott’s Pontotoc residence.

A short while later, an alert Pontotoc County deputy spotted Scott on foot in a soybean field. Scott fled and was captured several hours later, after a hunt involving many lawmen and a helicopter from DeSoto County

He was taken to the Lee County jail in Tupelo. He has been arraigned in Lee County on felony charges of attempted assault and kidnapping. A court in Tupelo first set bail for Scott at $2-million. However, DOC quickly issued a “hold” order, the court revoked the his bail, and Scott is still in jail in Tupelo.

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards told that Union County warrants have been issued charging Scott with kidnapping, armed robbery and three counts of sexual battery. He will be brought to Union County and arraigned on those charges.

For more about these crimes and Scott’s capture from an Aug. 28 posting.


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