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Prohibition – the Bitter end in Mississippi

Good Ole Mississippi, bringing up the rear!

New Albany, MS– Mississippi’s Tortured History with Alcohol, and How a New Albanian Stopped the Double Standard, is the topic of this month’s Museum Moments this  Thursday, Oct. 20 at noon at the Union County Heritage Museum.

prohibition-1The famous incident of Union County native and then Hinds County Sheriff Thomas Shelton’s raid on the Jackson Country Club is legend.  As his  deputies chopped into the liquor cabinets of the Jackson Country Club in 1966 while then Governor Paul Johnson and many state legislators, who were there socializing, watch during Mardi Gras celebrations is the pivotal moment.  Afterwards  the state finally voted to end Prohibition in Mississippi, the last state to  end the era 33 years after the 23rd Amendment ended it nationally.

The Honorable Rodney Shands will tell this interesting story at Museum Moments this Thursday.  The public is invited to this free event.  Lunch will be available at 11:30, courtesy of The New Century Club of New Albany.


Jill N. Smith


Union County Heritage Museum

114 Cleveland Street

New Albany, Mississippi 38652


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