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Opinion: Hillary Clinton makes me want to hurl…invectives

New Albany, MS- I began this response to Steve Patterson’s “Invective” opinion piece shortly after reading it–yes, every word of it, some parts more than once.

Well, “pardon my French,” as they say. There is a well understood, often used invective, the exact one that kept running through my mind as I read. Have you ever heard the old saying, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull shit?”

My first intention was to go line by line of his essay and do my best to show there are other opinions that count. Then I got to the part about Mr. Patterson’s political career and knew that would be impossible for me to talk about, or relate to … in the least. I have never been elected to anything. I have nixed the idea of line by line, because dear Lord, who has to time to read all of that?

I have worked and paid taxes since I was 16. Waitress, retail, pneumatics application engineer, a zoo, selling timeshares, running a day care, then I found my niche as a photographer. I am now 61, and do not get paid in dollars for the work I do as a yoga teacher, grand parent, aunt. I get paid in other ways that are more satisfying, and not taxed at 35%. I am sitting and waiting for the day I can collect every penny I paid in to the government during all of those years, supporting others who chose to not work.

Until today, I have held my opinions fairly close to the chest, but I will now say that, in my opinion:

  • Hillary and Huma Abedin

    Hillary and Huma Abedin, whose own father had ties to Islamist radicals

    Hillary Clinton has proven to be dishonest and without integrity.
    She surrounds herself with many people who have like traits. Where do her  worker bees get their directions? From their leader. They lie, they steal,  they probably kill, and they assuredly dump crap on city streets. (The bus incident: here we are, back again to that same invective.) She’s against gay marriage until she’s for gay marriage; she’s for building a wall until she’s against building it. She lectures State Department employees regarding security measures which she has no intention of following herself.

  • Benghazi hearing: "What difference does it make?"

    At the Benghazi hearing regarding why no help reached state department people under deadly attack: “What difference does it make?”

    Hillary Clinton has proven she is no leader.
    For thirty years she has been trying her hand in the world of politics. She is a failure. All of the jobs handed to her by her husband when he was in office were total failures. She failed at the first big assignment Bill Clinton gave her: health care; failed so thoroughly that it was another 15 years before the health care debacle could again be seriously addressed. She failed as Secretary of State; she failed at Benghazi and Iran. She has proven nothing to this voter, other than that she cannot be trusted to accomplish anything, except lining her own pockets via “pay for play” and any other means possible.


  • Standing by her man during "bimbo eruption"

    Standing by her man during the Jennifer Flowers “bimbo” eruption” in 1992

    Hillary Clinton has proven she does not protect women, especially if they stand between her and her goals.
    For decades, Hillary has lied about, concealed and intimidated the victims of her sexual predator husband, all on behalf of he could do for her own career ambitions. This alone should be enough to take her out of the running for the Presidency. How can women’s rights voters claim to happily pull the lever for Hillary?


  • Secret servers, smashed phones, deleted e-mails.

    Secret servers, smashed phones, deleted e-mails.

    Hillary Clinton has proven she does not protect our country.
    This point has been beaten nearly to death, so I shall be brief–insecure private email servers, deleted emails, open borders, etc.  Huma Abedin, Hillary’s top aide is married to “sexter” Anthony Weiner, and she hails from a Muslim family, with known ties to Muslim radicals.

Donald Trump for the past thirty years has been a successful business man.  He has worked, succeeded, failed, and picked himself up and started over again and again. Being a business man, he knows how to delegate and how to get things accomplished. Being a human, he is not perfect. But who is?

As for me, one little voter, all the way in Mississippi, who has to choose between two imperfect candidates, I choose someone who, at least, has business sense.

The government is a business, or at least it should be. It is not a playground for proven failures, and people who are only interested in consolidating their personal power.

Let’s try something new in the world of politics. Get rid of the proven failures, and try our luck with something different.

I do not know a thing about how well Hillary Clinton may employ invective in the political arena, though some who have worked for her, and others who have worked to protect her, claim that she is pretty adept at abusing people in her daily life. I do know that she absolutely shines in the areas of criminality and venality and, unlike Mr. Patterson, I am not at all sure that she is sane.

Mr. Patterson did, however, make one good point: this campaign cannot be discussed without hurling invectives.


Robyn L. Gibson


Editors’s Note: This article was written and received prior to the recent announcement by the FBI that it is investigating recently obtained e-mails, possibly related to Hillary Clinton’s private server issues.

In light of the October 28th FBI announcement,an interesting February 2016 Vanity Fair article on Huma Abedin: Is Abedin Hillary’s secret weapon or next big problem?
In case you have not read it: Invective, by Steve Patterson

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  1. Huma Abedin is the long time lover of Killary Klinton….With Slick Willy’s attention on as many women he canrape I guess one should not be surprised at Killary’s own sex affairs!

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