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Opinion: David Masters, New Albany

Editor’s note: received this opinion piece from one of our readers. As always, we solicit thoughts and opinions from our community.

The Hunger Games, which now have enthralled so many people and made many in Hollywood rich beyond Croesus, have little relevance to the actual situation existing in the world and in the United States for millineums, and doesn’t appear to have any solution or heroic individuals, become it is so much hokum and so yesterday. There is a saying: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” actually has no relevance either.
Our present “leaders”, in the local, state and nation, all across the U.S. and around the world, do just fine with no ethical or moral foundations and no possibility of getting any, any time soon.
There is no great demand for a  long time, for honesty and selflessness in our leaders and we continually fail to get off  “our fat butts,” to vote someone else in, but are content to follow the well-beaten path.
We all, including myself, say with much bravado that “we always vote for the man or woman, not the party,” but it is almost funny that the man or the woman always is in the Democratic Party or  in the Republican Party, every single time, that we soon befuddle ourselves and believe we ever remain “virgin” and will not have to answer to a higher authority some time in the  future.
Our leaders lie to themselves and to each other and to their countrymen, but this has never stopped a fool and never made a fool part with his money to attempt to alleviate the hunger in our midst. Many  of the organizations, such as the Mid South Food Bank, or the Good Samaritan Food  Center locally, or God’s Pantry in Lexington, Ky, are heroes and “Angels Unawares” and work wonders, but the task is daunting and there is no assuagement  in this battle and very little relief. And sad to relate, hunger is always the first terrible deadly sin, for until a person is fed, nothing more can be done to help the  individual to become a successful human being and no learning can take place and no hope can be found.
Read Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and you’ll readily gain some moral courage to strike while the  iron is hot and to attempt, in  some small way, on an individual basis “to make a difference.” This is the rhetoric so popular among the terrible Baby Boomers, who can wash their hands of all responsibility and say, like Shakespeare: “Out, out damn spot,” and in their case the blood is easily removed from their hands and they are free to live the good life, free of those damnable “hungry bastards, just like the poor, which the Bible says will always be among us.
The world has become a terrible place in which Christians are fair game for those with the terrible Muslim religion, and terrorists confound us on the internet and our secret services and FBI and those in Langley ,Va have no sense, but I am hopeful that at some time we will no longer need the Hunger Games and the world will almost exude a rosy glow.
Sincerely, David W. Masters
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