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New Albany police arrest two on major drug charges

Joinell Pryor, Jr.

The New Albany Police Department (NAPD) arrested two individuals Tuesday night, February 28th, on major drug charges.


Frances Randall

Frances Lavern Randall

Joinell Pryor, Jr., age 42, of Holly Springs and Frances Lavern Randall, age 44, were arrested at a Bratton Road address in New Albany.

Police Chief Chris Robertson said NAPD narcotics officers received reports of suspicion of drug sales and developed intelligence that identified Pryor. They learned from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) that Pryor had an outstanding felony warrant in Texas. Police officers obtained warrants and arrested the two subjects.

In making the arrests officers seized ten pounds of marijuana and 20 grams of methamphetamine.

Drugs, cash and equipment seized

They also seized $3,500 in United States currency from the pair.

It is expected that both Pryor and Randall will face drug possession and trafficking charges.

At some point it is likely that Pryor will be turned over to Texas law enforcement authorities for additional prosecution there.

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