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“Lets come together and make the playground better” –Jacob Gentry

Park-Along-the-River project Jacob Gentry and New Albany Mayor Tim Kent view proposed new park equipment for Park-Along-the-River

One day, while sitting at the Park-Along-the-River watching the kids play on the old playground equipment, I asked myself the same question many people have probably asked  themselves while at the park. “Why hasn’t the park been updated yet?”

I can remember sliding down the same slide that is still being used at the Park-Along-the-River playground. On other trips there, I continued to ask myself that question. On my most recent trip, I finally asked myself a different question. “What all can I do to help upgrade the playsets?”

Turning what  “I” can do to what “we” can do

After finally asking that question, I started calling everyone I could think of to get in touch with the right people to create a “GoFundMe” page to raise funds for better, more updated playground equipment at the park. Toward that end, I:

  • got the go ahead from the Mr. Johnny Epting and then Mayor Tim Kent
  • started up the fundraiser site at GoFundMe.
  • was able to take a day off work to get a sign ordered for the park and flyers made to pass around.
  • contacted a local construction company to see whether they could help put the equipment together once it arrives.
  • began to talk up the project on Facebook

Immediately, when I began to see what I could do, others in the community began to volunteer time and services:

  • Rutledge Printing was kind enough to help with all the flyers needed to publicize the community fundraiser for the park playground equipment.
  • New Albany Sign Company offered to discount the cost of their 4 foot by 8 foot sign for the park.
  • Poteet Concrete and Construction was more than happy to help out with the community project, volunteering hands to help erect and install the equipment.
  • Ms Ashley McNutt saw the project on Facebook and messaged that she would try to get a community grant from KaBOOM to help towards the playground.
  • New Albany High School, Myrtle Attendance Center and West Union, the only schools contacted so far, have all agreed to help spread the word.

Big goal will bring many rewards

We have set a big goal. Some people are discouraged that they can’t get a tax break for Gofundme* Page donations, but it’s not always about getting something in return for doing good for the community where you reside.

Once we get the funding, and the new playground is up, the rewards will be many. Driving down the road by Fred’s and seeing your kids’ faces and reactions to what we’ve achieved by coming together will be better than any tax break could possible be.


By: Jacob Paul Gentry

For more information, to volunteer your help, etc.

To donate to GoFundMe:

About GoFundMe:  GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses. Approved participants set up a page on the website telling the goal and details of the project, visitors donate (and comment if desired) and the GoFundMe website ensures that the funds go toward specified cause. The progress of the fund can be followed on the website. Because GoFundMe itself is a a profit-making enterprise (it gets 5% of donations to the page, and some fees), it is not a tax-deductible item. However, its total deduction from donations is much less than most charities.

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  1. Erica Blackard // March 24, 2017 at 1:03 AM //

    It would be awesome if the park could be handicapped accessible. I have a husband in a wheelchair and a daughter with a prosthetic leg. Just something for the people planning this to look into.

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