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New Albany Elementary School classroom happenings

NAES students participate in Alphabet Exchange with schools in several other states.

5th Grade EXCEL: journalism studies

Ninabeth Capaning’s fifth grade EXCEL class from New Albany Elementary School visited LeeAnn Thompson’s INAYE Journalism class at New Albany High School on Thursday, November 9.




The high school students are helping the elementary students start their own news show which will soon be a part of the weekly INAYE News Show.

The students also worked together on integrating technology into their upcoming TEDTalk presentations.


First Grade: Alphabet Exchange

NAES students participate in Alphabet Exchange with schools in several other states.

Christy Littlejohn and Kayla Hodge’s 1st grade classroom from New Albany Elementary School participated in an Alphabet Exchange. Teachers around the country signed up and were assigned a letter of the alphabet for her classroom to decorate. Letters were sent to CA, TX, LA, IL, PA, NY, MI, SC, IN, GA, NC, FL, AL, OH, CO, MN, and WI.

Each teacher sent a letter telling details about her school and town. Two classes wrote about being affected by the recent hurricane. Other classrooms told facts about being close to the beach, school mascots, favorite sports, and town facts. This is Littlejohn’s 4th year to participate in the project. “Students always enjoy receiving mail and learning from the project,” Littlejohn added.

Littlejohn stated, “This was a wonderful learning experience. Students were able to learn map skills, discuss community helpers, and learn how to write a friendly letter.”








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