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NAHS Launches School Service Project – INAYE Laundry

NAHS launches service project

New Albany, MS- New Albany High School (NAHS) launched a new school service project on October 13.  “INAYE Laundry” is a program that will provide students access to clean laundry.  A teacher from NAHS was inspired when she learned of a program that was started last year by the Whirlpool Corporation.

Last school year, Whirlpool piloted their “Care Counts – School Laundry Program” in two school districts.   Research and data from that pilot program suggests that attendance and grades increased among students who received these services.  In addition, motivation and participation in extra-curricular activities increased.

Students were introduced to the service through a special public service announcement video.  The video was researched, filmed, and produced under the direction of NAHS student, Jacob McGregor during the school’s Vision & Interest Group time.

In an effort to protect students’ privacy, several teachers are working behind the scenes to provide anonymity for those who choose to participate.  An email address, has been set up for students to use if they want to learn more about the laundry services program.

During the first week of operation, two students have benefitted from this unique program.

For those interested in providing support to this program, donations of money and basic laundry supplies will be accepted and appreciated.  Specifically, there is an immediate need for gently used backpacks/duffle bags, color-safe bleach, and mesh laundry bags.  Donations may be dropped off in the front offices of New Albany High School or New Albany School of Career & Technical Education.

For more information about “INAYE Laundry,” go to to view public service announcement video.

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