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NAES students consider careers, nature and media awareness

Tech career opportunities What 5th grader can resist exploring a career in robotics?

To promote and encourage college and career planning, 5th grade students at New Albany Elementary School toured and learned about the educational opportunities available to them at the New Albany High School Career & Technical Center on Friday, February 15.

On February 12, New Albany Garden Club members Jolyn Cooke, Mary Webb and Carol Riddell visited Ninabeth Capaning’s and Glen Reeder’s EXCEL classes at New Albany Elementary School to share with the students about the Great Backyard Bird Count. Garden Club members assisted the students with making bird feeders.







New Albany Police Department’s Chief Chris Robertson spoke with 5th grade students at New Albany Elementary School on Friday, March 8 about social media awareness and appropriate use. After the presentation, Chief Robertson was able to answer student’s questions involving the use of social media and the Internet.

Chief Chris Robertson

New Albany Police Chief, Chris Robertson at New Albany Elementary School.

Melanie Shannon

Public Relations

New Albany Schools

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