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NAES Bullpup Pride Award Winners, February 1, 2016

The following students at New Albany Elementary School received the Bullpup Pride Recognition Award because of their positive behavior during the week of February 1.

NAES Bullpup Price Award Winners, Feb 1, 2016

NAES Bullpup Price Award Winners, Feb 1, 2016









Pictured in no particular order are: Cameron Coker, Colt Rhea, Sandler Syms, Anabell Clark, Angela Murillo, Karla Perez, Asiah Rogers, Evelyn Urzua, Josie Osario, Asia Rooker, Jacqueline Guerrero, Allie Stewart, Caylee Earl, Alex Tinajero, Allison Perez, Alissa Dykes, Tristen Parker, Lessie Jo Black, Luis Soto, Caitlin Jones, Jahir Mendoza, Ashley Flores, Dekarain Wade, Ashten Shorter, Patrick Gibbs, Lelan Boulden, L’Darrius McShan, Isaiah Cleveland, & Austin Hall.

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