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No charges yet in Myrtle shooting: complicated scene, multiple shooters

One man is dead following a gunfight early Friday evening at a residence near Myrtle.

A little before 7PM, the office of Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards got a call about the Myrtle shooting incident at 1057 County Road 68, a lot in a mobile home park.

A man was transported to the emergency room at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County, but was pronounced dead at the ER.

The deceased is Fred Nugent, age 56.

Sheriff Edwards said the body would be transported to the state crime lab in Jackson for an autopsy on Tuesday. The lab is closed Monday for the Labor Day holiday.

The sheriff hopes the autopsy results will provide evidence to help complete the investigation. “It took a long time to process the scene, do photography, and gather evidence,” he said. Several individuals were brought to the sheriff’s office for questioning. “It looks like an on-going feud between neighbors,” the sheriff said.

“I think it was probably two or three people who did the actual shooting,” said Edwards. “The autopsy results and other evidence will be turned over to the district attorney for him to present to a grand jury.”

At the present time no one is charged and in the county jail.

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