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Main power circuit repaired quickly during sleet storm

 At 2 o’clock Thursday morning, March 5, during a storm of freezing rain, sleet and gusty winds, a tree fell on a power line near Stokes Grocery, breaking a line of the main power circuit serving much of northeast New Albany. Hundreds of customers were without electricity.
    A line crew from New Albany Lights, Gas and Water (LGW) arrived at the break site with a bucket truck about ten minutes later and set to work making the repair. LGW General Manager Bill Mattox said he did not believe the tree falling was because ice accumulation, but “hopefully this is not a sign of things to come.”
    Other LGW crews drove around the city looking for other damage while the major problem near Stokes was being fixed.
    Two hours later, by 4 a.m., the main circuit was repaired and power was restored to most if not all of the system.
    Radar at that time showed more freezing rain and sleet headed for New Albany, so danger of additional power failures was not over.
    LGW crews remained on alert the rest of the night.
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