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Two local men face counterfeiting and other charges

counterfeiting Failed counterfeiting attempt and other problems land two locals in the Union County jail.
New Albany police arrested two local men Wednesday, Dec. 27, after a counterfeiting caper during which they tried to buy a cell phone with counterfeit money.

Ladarius Bullox and Brandon McDonald arranged to meet a man who had advertised a used cellular telephone for sale. According to the New Albany Police Department (NAPD) they met the seller in the eastern part of town. The transaction was made, Bullox and McDonald having paid the seller with four “hundred-dollar bills.”

Upon closer examination of the “money” the seller suspected that the $400 was worthless counterfeit paper, which apparently had been produced with an ordinary consumer grade laser printer. The seller confronted the pair, a scuffle of some kind occurred and Bullox and McDonald fled in an automobile.

Ladarius Bullox, 22, bonded out on five charges related to vehicle accident, counterfeiting, suspended or revoked license, improper equipment or vehicle.

The seller chased them in his own vehicle. The hapless duo crashed their car near the intersection of Highway 348 and Union Avenue, a few hundred yards from New Albany High School (NAHS).

They ran away on foot.

NAPD immediately received multiple bits of information about the incident and quickly mounted a search for the miscreants.

Brandon McDonald,19, three charges related to counterfeiting, leaving the scene of an accident and possession of marijuana

New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson, not having reliable details about the situation, called the school resource officer and ordered a precautionary “soft lockdown” of the NAHS campus.

Bullox and McDonald were captured within minutes and the lockdown was quickly cancelled.

According to Robertson, a “soft lockdown” limits people from leaving or entering campus buildings. He said a soft lockdown follows established and specific protocols so it can be done speedily.

During a soft lockdown, doors are locked on the outside to prevent entry to the school. However, the doors can be opened from the inside to allow exiting the building. School personnel monitor doors during a soft lockdown.

Bullox and McDonald face multiple state charges. It is not known whether federal counterfeiting charges will be pursued. Both men are said to have had prior experience with local law enforcement.

As of late Thursday morning McDonald was still being held at the Union County jail. Bullox had posted bond and been released.

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