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Amy Livingston, Republican candidate for Alderman, Ward One

New Albany city election Amy Livingston, Republican candidate Alderman, Ward One

Shortly after the May 3rd primary for the upcoming city election, each candidate in contested races on the June 6th New Albany general election ballot received an identical questionnaire from Each was asked to answer four questions. These are the responses in the candidates’ own words. The responses being posted today are the ones of the two candidates for First Ward Alderman.

Those for Alderman at Large and Mayor will be posted during the next two days.

  1. What would you like our readers to know about your family, your residency in New Albany and your education?
  2. Would you tell us about the career you have pursued to earn a living?
  3. Why are you running for the office you seek, and, if elected, what do you hope to achieve during your four-year term of service?
  4. What do you believe are the top challenges New Albany faces in the future?


What would you like our readers to know about your family, your residency in New Albany and you education? 

Amy Livingston, New Albany native and University of Mississippi instructor and clinical supervisor is running for alderman in Ward 1 of New Albany. Amy has a Bachelors of Arts in English and a Masters of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Would you tell us about the career you have pursued to earn a living?

Amy has worked in education and healthcare for over 15 years. Working as a regional manager and supervisor for EBS Healthcare in Nashville, TN,  Amy  managed 50-80 employees throughout the Southeast from 2007-2011. Amy returned home to New Albany in 2011, working in New Albany Schools and becoming involved in numerous volunteer organizations. Amy is currently on the Main Street Promotions Committee where she received the 2016 service award. She has served as a New Haven volunteer, which is a day program for adults with disabilities. She is Historic Northside Garden Club President-Elect,  Symphony League Volunteer, Riverfest Volunteer, City of New Albany Volunteer, Union County Humane Society Board Member, Recycle New Albany Chairperson. She has most recently been appointed to the Mississippi Autism Advisory Committee and she is on the Administrative Council at First United Methodist Church, New Albany. Amy views herself as a civil servant and town advocate devoted to serving the people of New Albany. “I love communicating with people who think differently than I, to solve problems for the greater good.  I have learned if people want to get things done, they cannot please everyone, but communication and transparency are still vital.

We are in a critical time in New Albany.  I believe we are in the infancy of our growth potential.

Why are you running for the office you seek, and, if elected, what do you hope to achieve during your four year term of service?

The Board of Alderman in the next four years will be making decisions that will affect New Albany for the next 100 years. We have decisions to make regarding our economic development, parks and recreation system, preservation and improvement of natural resources (water, waste water, etc.) and the revitalization of not only our downtown but also neighborhoods.  We also have to work on establishing an overall efficient infrastructure.”  Livingston has served on many teams, boards and committees in her professional and volunteer work. ” I know how to listen, speak up when needed and question if necessary. I can make hard decisions when the answer is not always the popular one.   Researching solutions to problems through many resources, prioritizing, spending time wisely, and listening to other people, especially those with differing opinions are key skills that I have, and I believe they are vital to the alderman position”, she stated. Livingston wants to help create better neighborhoods and infrastructure that promotes economic growth and encourages healthy living for children and adults. “Healthy neighborhoods are those that promote interacting with one another, whether it’s through business or play” said Livingston.

“The people of Ward 1 have brought good problems to my attention. I say they are ‘good’ problems because the problems indicate vitality, progress and community pride. Now, people are ready for good answers.” 

What do you believe are the top challenges New Albany faces in the future? 

Livingston is a researcher by trade. “ I have been studying, researching, asking questions and observing what we have already done in New Albany that is successful, and I am researching other prospering municipalities similar to ours.  I am looking into sustainable solutions.”

Livingston grew up in New Albany but has also lived in various other states and brings a unique combination of traditional New Albany values and living/ working with a variety of populations and cultures.  “I also have experience in policy making, team-building and critical decision making” from my career and volunteer work.

“We first start at home developing long-term and short-term solutions that improve the quality of life of our families.   Next, we look at how we attract the 24,000 visitors who drive by our entrances daily.   Two key tourist attractions are in my ward: The Union County Heritage Museum and the trailhead of the Tanglefoot Trail.  Both of these are regional, if not national gems. The citizens of Ward one are not satisfied with the status quo, though.  We strive for better. We want clean water, traffic calming solutions,  parking solutions, nice streets and sidewalks and a humanely controlled animal population. Research indicates that a high volume of stray animals negatively impacts tourism and economic growth.   New Albany will be hosting the Mississippi Bike Summit in the Fall of 2017.  This is just one of many opportunities for New Albany to be on display to attract new industry, small businesses and potential growth. People from all over the state will be coming to discuss successful ways to become more pedestrian and bike friendly. New Albany has the potential to be a competing force for tourism, economic growth and industry in North Mississippi. I am ready and willing to do the work necessary to advocate for the people of WARD 1 to help continue to move New Albany forward while also maintaining our traditional small-town values.”

Alderman at large and mayoral candidates’ posts to follow.

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