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Levitt Series volunteers are needed. Can you help?

This long view shows what will be the "audience" view of the new stage as it relates to the Tallahatchie. It will be impressive.

New Albany and surrounding area has been given a wonderful gift – 10 weeks of free music here in our home town!! But it takes a many hands to make this successful.

We are in need of around 20 volunteers every week to make this run smoothly. June 4th through August 6th are the dates. All are Saturday nights except the last weekend of June, then it will be on Friday night.
These are the areas where they need help. If you want to be a part of this event, please email Evelyn Mason at or call or text her at 662-317-9275 and tell her the week and if you have a preference of area.
Please go to to see the whole list of artist or the Facebook page.
3 people to click a counter as people enter for crowd count
1 or 2 people at the phone charging area
1 to 3 people to help in the concession stand
2 to 5 people as survey takers
2 to 4 people to help pass a donation bucket
2 to 4 people to work at the information booth in July and August.
Thanks for your time.
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