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Early voter turnout is very low in New Albany city election/Updated 3:15PM

UPDATED 3:15 PM, June 6: ¬†Officials at the courthouse report that turnout has increased along with the sunshine. As of about 3:00PM, around 750 people had voted in the municipal election. There is still plenty of time to vote, as polls don’t close until 7:00PM. will post election results later this evening.


Original article

A check of the polls at the Union County Courthouse this morning showed that, as of 10:30 this morning, only 130 voters had come out in the rain to cast a ballot in the New Albany city election. There are three undecided races for voters to settle today.

According to Accuweather, skies should be clearing in the next hour or so, with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. Polls will be open at the Courthouse until 7PM.

We urge all who are interested in the direction New Albany will take over the next four years, and longer, to make your wishes known at the polls today.

About the undecided races:

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