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Downtown New Albany junkyard cleared of most vehicles

downtown New Albany junkyard cleared Fewer than ten of more than 100 junk cars and trucks remained at the property on Snyder Street March 15th

Most of more than 100 disabled motor vehicles in a junkyard within rock-throwing distance of downtown New Albany’s primary business district have been removed. first reported on January 23, 2017, that  the owner of the cars and small trucks had been given 30 days to “voluntarily” remove the junk cars from the location on Snyder Street, about a thousand feed from New Albany City Hall. (Original article: ).

New Albany MS Code Enforcement

New Albany Code Enforcement Officer Eric Thomas and Assistant Joey Watson watched, Thursday, March 9th, as wrecked cars and trucks were hauled away from an illegal junkyard in downtown New Albany. A tow truck can be seen between Thomas and Watson, and a flat bed truck is loading another disabled vehicle in the background at right side of photo.

New Albany Code Enforcement Officer Eric Thomas mailed the official city order to Jimmy Grubbs at an address in Blue Springs. Most of the vehicles are believed to have been accumulated in downtown New Albany during the last three years. The order cited the junkyard as a violation of city code 10-97.

The January letter from the city to Grubbs said, in part, “You are hereby given 30 days in which to voluntarily bring your property into compliance with the ordinance. If you fail to do this within that time period, the City will proceed under section 10-97 of the City code, copy of which is attached.”

Thomas said he understands Grubbs has sold all of the old cars and trucks to someone in Alabama. During recent weeks tow trucks and flat-bed trucks, sometimes two or more working simultaneously, have been carrying the junkers away from the site. As of March 15th fewer than ten remain there.

Enforcement of the city’s code regarding old cars and building code violations has been increased significantly during the recent few years.

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