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County Supervisors work through routine duties, May 2nd

Paying the bills and approving new hires was the main work of the Union County Board of Supervisors in their first May 2016 meeting.
The first item on the Monday morning, May 2, meeting agenda was unanimous approval of the claims docket, which means that the board approved the payment of the county’s routine bills — telephone company, computer service work, fuel bills, gravel, etc. — as presented by Chancery Clerk Annette Hickey.
The supervisors approved payments to two contractors doing work on the county-owned Emerald Manufacturing Company building: a payment of $85,022 to Ganger Construction Company and one of $63,742 to Tristar Contractors were approved.
Senior Chancery Court Judge Jacqueline Mask appointed New Albany attorney Chandler Rogers to serve as youth court referee, and the board approved the appointment.
The board unanimously agreed to appoint Kurt Clayton as 911 Coordinator, effective June 13, 2016.
Chief Deputy Sheriff Johnny Bell told the board that both the washer and dryer at the county jail were in need of repair work. Bell said it would cost $13,000 to replace the two items, or $4,500 to repair them. The board approved the repairs.
The board approved a subcontract for the Martintown Road bridge replacement project. The work on the new bridge is estimated to be about one-third complete.
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