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Carnegie Link Up, NAES present second performance, April 21st

Carnegie Link up, New Albany, MS New Albany 5th graders prepare for their second Carnegie Link-up performance

New Albany, MS– Over seven hundred students at New Albany Elementary School (NAES) are busy preparing for a second Carnegie Link Up performance, and will perform with a full symphony orchestra on Friday, April 21st.

New Albany Elementary School music teacher, Celia House, uses teaching materials provided by the Carnegie Foundation’s “Link Up” program to prepare her students for the performance. The New York based foundation sponsors the program with selected professional symphony orchestras across the United States. The North Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, based in Tupelo, is one of those orchestras, thus the Link Up program has been available to students in Tupelo’s public schools for several years.

Carnegie Link-Up program

NAES students preparing to perform with Tupelo Symphony

This is only the second year NAES students have had this opportunity to participate with a professional orchestra. The New Albany Symphony League worked with the local school system to give this opportunity to local children for the first time in 2016.  The league had sponsored local performances by the Tupelo based orchestra for several prior years.

The symphony league raises the money to support the program from donations made by local individuals and institutions. Fund raising is currently underway. The League needs several thousand more dollars to fund the April performance at the New Albany High School Auditorium.

The money raised locally goes exclusively to fund the wages and expenses of about 70 professional musicians from Mississippi and surrounding states, who comprise the personnel of the North Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. These musicians travel to North Mississippi several times every year to practice and perform together.

Second Carnegie Link Up performers prepare more advanced music

Carnegie Link-up, New Albany MS

Fifth graders prepare more advanced music for their second performance

The children shown in these photographs are fifth graders from the home room of elementary teacher Candy Jarvis. The students shown are playing recorders, a woodwind instrument known as an “internal duct flute.” The recorder is the most commonly used duct flute in traditional European music. Its use was first documented in the Middle Ages.

This is the second year these fifth graders will be playing with the symphony. Celia House says they will be playing more advanced music than in their first year. First year Link-Up students will use the same level music these fifth graders used in their 2016 performance.

Tax deductible donations for this year’s Carnegie program should be made payable to the New Albany Symphony League. Mail donations to P. O. Box 125, New Albany, MS 38652.

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