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Walmart back in business quickly after bomb threat (UPDATE)

Investigation continues by local law enforcement and US Marshals


8:15 PM Update:

Assistant New Albany Police Chief Clay Keener told that the telephoned bomb threat to Walmart was called in directly to the New Albany Police headquarters, not through the 911 Emergency line.

New Albany Police Department contacted the Walmart security office at the store and the building was quickly cleared per Walmart protocols.

Keener said that local law enforcement personnel are investigating and following leads, trying to trace and identify those who made the threat.

It seems that, from the start, local law enforcement personnel did not believe the threat to be credible, but all such incidents must be taken seriously until cleared.

Making such threats, whether true or not, is a felony.


 7:45 PM Update:

By 7:30 PM Thursday evening, May 14th, local law enforcement and emergency management officials had checked and cleared the New Albany Walmart building in response to a telephoned bomb threat. Employees were allowed to resume business at the Walmart in slightly more than one hour after the threat was called in at approximately 6:15 PM.

Investigation of the bomb threat continues by local law enforcement, with the US Marshals Service also involved.



6:45 PM 5-14-15

At approximately 6:15 PM on Thursday, May 14th, a bomb threat was telelphoned into the New Albany Walmart store.

All employees and customers were immediately evacuated to the grass on the east side of the Walmart parking lot.


More details of this story will be posted as we get them.

2 Comments on Walmart back in business quickly after bomb threat (UPDATE)

  1. Janice Krisle // May 14, 2015 at 7:55 PM //

    There are some very bad people in this world who seem to want to kill, hurt, and scare others. I hope this was a false alarm, but it still was unacceptable for any reason!

  2. Gerald Nobles // May 15, 2015 at 3:58 AM //

    I wish they would start charging these people with attempted murder for however many people are in these locations . Could cause heart attack. Not funny and I am all for throwing the book at these cons…..

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