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Blind man’s “buff” at the New Albany Best Western?

Best Western robbery New Albany's Best Western, scene of recent strong-arm robbery

The last of three local women involved in a Thursday afternoon strong-arm robbery was taken into custody and charged today (September 9th).

According to law enforcement sources, the three local women met up with and robbed the victim at the Best Western hotel in New Albany, then escaped from the premises.  Christina Baldon, age 23, and Jariel Boles, age 20 were arrested on September 7th; Bennechia Cook, age 33, was arrested on September 9th. All of the women are from New Albany, and were in the Union County jail at the time of this posting, charged with robbery.

The male victim of the Best Western robbery, who resides in a nearby Mississippi county, was relieved of $2000, some of which was recovered, and other personal possessions. The victim’s cell phone, wallet and shorts were also recovered. Law enforcement sources said the victim had reportedly been giving sums of money to one of the women for several months. It is not known what, if any, goods or services he had received for his money.

The woman who had been receiving money is believed to have arranged to meet the man at the Best Western and had represented to him that she would bring a couple of her female friends to the meeting.

The three women are believed to have blind folded their naked victim, then doused the cloth of the blindfold with pepper spray before they left the Best Western.


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