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  • Natural gas
    About 35 people attended a hearing Thursday afternoon in New Albany regarding expanding natural gas service to rural parts of Union and neighboring counties. MS Public Service Commission Chairman, Brandon Presley Public Service Commission Chairman Brandon Presley conducted a hearing in the courtroom of the Union County Courthouse regarding  a proposal to extend  natural [Continue Reading]
  • Public service commission hearing
    Presley to Hold Public Hearing Regarding New Albany Natural Gas Expansion Nettleton, Mississippi – Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley will hold a public hearing regarding a request by the City of New Albany to expand their natural gas service to 150 new customers located in rural areas between Myrtle, Potts Camp, and West Union. The [Continue Reading]
  • Priority ambulance 2
    Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County announced on July 17th that it has entered into a partnership with Priority Ambulance to provide all patient medical transport services to the hospital, and it will serve as Union County’s emergency 9-1-1 service provider starting on August 15. Priority Ambulance is a national company headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, that [Continue Reading]
  • The Union County Board of Supervisors learned about coming changes in local ambulance service during its Monday morning, July 17th, meeting. “We are in the planning on making a change to our ambulance program,” Walter Grace, CEO and administrator of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County told the board. “As you know, the hospital operates an ambulance [Continue Reading]
  • Sacred Sites
    When settlers first arrived in what would become Union County in the 1830s, one of the first priorities was building churches. An exhibit, Sacred Sites Surround Us,  at the Union County Heritage Museum will open Thursday, July 20, 12 noon with  guest speaker Jack Elliott, Mississippi historian.  Lunch, provided by the Historic Northside Garden Club, will be served [Continue Reading]
  • fire hydrants
    WHY ARE OUR FIREFIGHTERS WASTING TIME ON FIRE HYDRANTS? IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! Let me set the scenario for you.  It is 2am in the middle of the night. You awake to the sound of an alarm ringing in a distance.You realize it’s the smoke detector in the other end of your home, by the children’s bedroom.  Your eyes are burning by now, you look down the hall and [Continue Reading]


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