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  • At BNA Bank's Tallahatchie River Run, the One Mile Race sets a quick pace
    New Albany, MS– The closing day of the month-long Literary Fest 2016 in New Albany included a variety of activities, some of which were new to Union County. The Literary Fest centers around New Albany’s Nobel Prize winning native, William Faulkner. The focus of this year’s event was his novel, Light in August. It wasn’t August, but the unseasonable [Continue Reading]
  • Faulkner & Folk Art Exhibit opens at Union County Heritage Museum
    There was a lot of activity in New Albany today, centered around native son, William Faulkner. The 2016 Literary Fest presented a day focusing on the written, visual and spoken arts. One hundred or so fans of the written word attended the William Faulkner Competition Luncheon on Friday, September 23rd. Attendees at the luncheon, held at New Albany’s First United [Continue Reading]
  • View of clock dedication from Main Street.
    New Albany, MS- Nearly a hundred people gathered Wednesday morning in Cooper Park in downtown New Albany for the dedication of a new clock and clock tower. The clock is a gift to the New Albany Main Street Association and the City of New Albany from Renasant Bank, and is installed in a small city park on the south side of Bankhead Street in downtown New Albany. Face of [Continue Reading]
  • Sculptor John Steele Davis applies finishing touches to Lena Grove, at the Union County Heritage Museum.
    New Albany, MS– Lena Grove, pregnant, had walked from Alabama to Mississippi, a hundred miles or more, in summer heat: “She carried a palm leaf fan and a small bundle tied neatly in a bandanna handkerchief. It contained among other things thirty-five cents in nickels and dimes. Her shoes were a pair of his own which her brother had given her. They were but [Continue Reading]
  • al-art-casting-1-ed
    New Albany, MS– Beginning mid-morning on Saturday, September 24th, this year’s Literary Fest will present something unique in New Albany. Fire on the River and the Hammer-In will be an opportunity for those interested in blacksmithing to get together and socialize and share knowledge. Bring your hammers and join in as the molten iron is being poured. This [Continue Reading]
  • New Albany High School 2016 Homecoming Queen, Alli Hodges
    New Albany, MS- caught these images at the NAHS 2016 Homecoming Parade on Thursday, September 24th. Click to enlarge/download images. NAHS Homecoming Parade 2016  For full information about: Homecoming Court and Homecoming [Continue Reading]


Mrs. Jamie Glenn's first grade classroom at New Albany Elementary School partnered with Mr. Glen Reeder's EXCEL class to plant a pumpkin patch to study the life cycle of plants. Along with charting the pumpkins' growth each week, the class observed, measured, and weighed their own plants in the classroom. This was part of a two month plant unit that concluded with the students celebrating a pumpkin harvest.


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