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  • milk tanker spill
    At 1:38 AM, Sunday, January 15, at mile marker 72 in the west-bound lane of I-22, a tanker truck driver from Georgia lost control of his vehicle and ran off into the median of the highway. The truck was restrained from crossing over into east-bound traffic by the cabled fence installed in the past few years for that very purpose. (And, if you have recently traveled [Continue Reading]
  • Andrew Jackson, Donald Trump
    I was born for the storm and a calm does not suit me.Andrew Jackson Comparing Donald Trump with Andrew Jackson is currently a popular pursuit. Is the incoming 45th President of the United States similar to the 7th President, will he govern in the same style? Is that possibility a good thing or a bad thing? We will not attempt a detailed comparison here. Our readers have [Continue Reading]
  • Union County Election Commission sworn in, 2017
    New Albany, MS- The five election commissioners for Union County took their oaths of office for a term of four years at the county courthouse, Tuesday morning, Dec. 10. They were sworn in by Circuit Clerk Phyllis Stanford. Circuit Clerk Phyllis Stanford is shown with Graham Spencer, who retired from the Union County Election Commission. This photo was taken at a November [Continue Reading]
  • Candidates get a look at New Albany Board chamber's new look
    New Albany, MS– The New Albany municipal election saw two more candidates qualify to run for seats on the New Albany Board of Aldermen, as of Monday afternoon. Kevin Dale White, the incumbent, qualified to run again as a Democrat for alderman in Ward 3. Scott Dunnam, now serving as alderman-at-large, filed last week to run for the Ward 1 seat as a Democrat. Keith [Continue Reading]
  • UPDATE: 1-5-2017 Scott Dunnam, who has served three terms as New Albany’s Alderman-at-Large, has qualified to run in the city Democratic primary election as alderman for Ward 1. Incumbent Ward 1 Alderman, Jeff Olson, qualified Tuesday to run for Mayor as a Republican, thus making the Ward 1 position on the city board an open seat. Keith Conlee has qualified to run [Continue Reading]
  • New Albany, MS- Becoming a Certified Master Gardener is within reach of interested gardeners. Who in New Albany has not enjoyed the charming and creative displays our local Master Gardeners provide for our fair city at various times during the year? Certified Master Gardeners share their knowledge and ability with their community in many ways, including overseeing the [Continue Reading]


First grade students at New Albany Elementary School celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by remembering how he changed the world with his own two hands. Students wrote their dreams for the world on hands to create this heart display. They read, researched, and completed directed drawings in his honor.


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